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16 October 2018

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“Three Flower” Herbal Health Tea – Natural remedies for anxiety and stress

“Three Flower” Herbal Health Tea – Natural remedies for anxiety and stress

” The human body is an organic whole. The balanced yin yang forces, harmonious internal organs, well circulated vital energy and blood, smooth and unobstructed meridians, all are the foundation of our health and beauty.”

— YiYi Wang, Clinic Director, R.TCMP, R.AC, D.O.M.P.


During our exhibition in the 2018 KW Health Expo, our herbal health tea was well welcomed. People were intrigued by the herbal tea samples and showed interest in learning herb effects.


In this post, we will show you how to make the “Three Flower” Herbal Health Tea at home as a natural remedy for anxiety, stress and many common diseases.

Chrysanthemum Hawthorn Herbal Tea

Preparation: chrysanthemum (10g), hawthorn (10g) and honeysuckle (10g)

Efficacy: detoxification, cooling and soothing, lower blood pressure, help with weight loss

Good for: obesity, hyperlipidemia and hypertension patients


Rose Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea

Preparation: chrysanthemum (12g), roses (5g), brew in hot water

Efficacy: nourishing liver and improve eyesight, beautifying facial skin

Good for: patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, can also eliminate toxins in the body, and have the effect of whitening acne


Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Herbal Tea

Preparation: chrysanthemum (12g), medlar (20g), boiled water (300ml)

Efficacy:  nourishing liver and improve eyesight, improve kidney and nourishing brain, anti-radiation, relieve fatigue

Good for: people with excessive use of the brain, long-term use of computer


Chrysanthemum Cassia Herbal Tea

Preparation: cassia seed (10g), saute, and chrysanthemum (10g), brew and keep the juice, put into glutinous rice boiled porridge, add the right amount of rock sugar and serve

Efficacy: clearing the liver and laxative

Good for: people with high blood pressure, high blood fat or constipation


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