YiYi Wellness Clinic @ 2018 KW Health EXPO

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15 October 2018

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YiYi Wellness Clinic @ 2018 KW Health EXPO

YiYi Wellness Clinic @ 2018 KW Health EXPO

” With professional practice in GTA and Kitchener since 2010, YiYi Wellness Clinic has won the trust from more than 3000 patients.” 


We are so grateful to say that our two-days exhibition in the 2018 KW Health Expo during Sep 15-16 has been an extreme success! Our special days wouldn’t have been such a success without all the support from enthusiastic visitors and KW Health Expo!


Over the last eight years, more than 80% of new clients of YiYi Wellness Clinic came by references from friends and families. The 2018 KW Health Expo helps us get much closer with people who are interested in health and wellness in KW area, and therefore convey our unique Traditional Chinese health philosophy and help people with their personalized needs.


During the Expo, we showed a variety of our services and products, including Chinese herbs (tea), acupuncture and cupping equipment, billboard for health and wellness tips and beauty apparatus. Many people showed interests for and a TCM diagnosis. All diagnose sessions were fully booked during TWO days! Some visitors came on 2nd day again to see Dr. Wang.

The herbal tea tasting was a great success. Visitors were intrigued by the herb samples and showed interest in learning herb effects.


Improving patient’s health is what motives us! Our booth was packed with people all the time. We enjoyed interacting with visitors and we were in good spirit!


We are proud to be a great team. This was the best moment of the day, more loves, tears & hugs. Many patient-friends came to give us support. Lovely kid always gives us joy. The organizer also recognized our success!

A big thanks to everyone who has come to visit us during the 2018 KW Health Expo! Please come to visit us again at our clinic. For more info about YiYi Wellness Clinic, please go to our website. May you all be blessed with good health, lots of love and happiness! ?